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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Otcer.ph. Please read the Term and Condition carefully. The terms stated in are for the use and administration of the site. By entering the space of Otcer.ph you will without a doubt take after and withstand the term of use. In case you do not abide to these Terms of use, don’t use the company’s platform. The use of passwords, records and use of administrations is limited to clients with accounts. You may not get or acquire data or unauthorized data in the site. Items and administrations in any form that implies, unintentional or deliberate, that are not made open for general society for use.

In the event that the client is under 18 years of age he or she should acquire their parent’s or lawful guardian’s permission in getting to the platform and their acknowledgment of the terms and conditions. Any activity made by the minor will be considered subject or dependable by the authorized gatekeeper or guardians. Any activity, accuses related of the use of the administrations or potentially buy of items, consistence and acknowledgment of terms and conditions will be held subject by their legal guardian or parents. If the minor refuses to get permission of their parents or lawful guardian you should quit using, getting to this platform or site.

Restricted exercises: you concur and attempt NOT to: (a) to copy an individual or element or to improper state of generally distort your connection with any individual or element; (b) use of the Platform or Services for unlawful purposes; (c) attempting to have unauthorized access to or generally meddle or upset other PC frameworks or systems associated with the Platform or Services; (d) post, advance or transmit through the Platform or Services any Prohibited Materials; (e) meddle with another’s usage and delight in the Platform or Services; (f) utilize or transfer, in any capacity, any product or material that contains, or which you will be motivated to speculate that contains, infections, harming segments, malignant code or unsafe parts which may hinder or harm the Platform’s information or harm or meddle with the operation of another Customer’s PC or cell phone or the Platform or Services; and (g) utilize the Platform or Services other than in conformance with the sufficient use methodologies of any related PC organizes, any internet guidelines and whatever other appropriate laws.

  1. Definition and interpretations: Unless otherwise defined, the definitions and provisions respect of interpretation set will apply to these terms and conditions.


  1. Purchase Products: Your Compliance: You agree to comply with all the guidelines, policies, notices and operating rules pertaining to the purchase of the products through the website or any platform pertaining to Otcer.ph Otcer.ph has the right to revise the guidelines from time to time upon their publication of the platform.


  1. Price changes: The prices of products featured in Otcer.ph shall be updated time to time. The prices of these items will change in accordance with the present value of the item. Otcer.ph is not obliged to inform the public of the price change. Prices may vary without prior notice. Otcer.ph advises their customers to contact them for clarification.


  1. Product description: While Otcer.ph provides accurate description of all the products showcased in the website, the company do not warrant that such descriptions are accurate, current and free from any errors.


  1. Placing orders: Placing orders shall be done through the platform or website and by checking out the products currently on the cart. All the information presented in the checkout page would be followed accordingly.


  1. Cancelation of orders: You have the right to cancel your order given that the product that was ordered is not ready for delivery or shipment to the customers. Upon cancelation of order, buyer must send an email to the company and contact Otcer.ph through their mobile number or telephone number.


  1. Warranty of Products: The warranty of all products that the company offers have the 7 days store warranty. The individual products that the customer buys will have their corresponding manufacturing company.


  1. Customer’s acknowledgement: You recognize and warrant that you gave not depended on any term, condition, guarantee, undertaking, actuation or portrayal made by or for the benefit of seller which has not been expressed explicitly in a Customer Contract or upon any depiction material delivered by either Otcer.ph or Seller. You likewise recognize that to the degree permitted under the Philippine law, the prohibition of guarantees, rejection of obligation and avoidance of cures in these Terms and Conditions of Sale and Customer Contracts assign hazards between the gatherings and allow seller to give the Products at bring down charges or costs than Seller generally could, and you acknowledge that such prohibition on risk are sensible.


  1. Delivery of Products: Delivery of products are delivered to the address specified by the customer. Shipping cost may vary upon the location the package will be sent to. In terms of tracking, customers may contact Otcer.ph to the whereabouts or progress of the order placed. For deliveries that would require shipment, tracking number or reference would be provided to the customer for the progress reports. The delivery time for outside Metro Manila will approximately take 3-5 days depending on certain circumstances.


Every purchase and delivery will be issued a receipt and customers will be given a copy. In case that customers were not issued one, contact Otcer.ph immediately to verify the issue. If the customer fails to take delivery of the products (otherwise than because of any cause beyond the Customer’s reasonable control or because of Seller’s fault) then without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to Seller, Seller may terminate the Customer Contract.


  1. Payment method made available for customers by Otcer.ph shall be followed. Order will be processed. Failure to send payment would result in the halt of the process of the order and will be subject to termination. Refund of payment shall be made through the mode of payment the customer chose except for cash on delivery where the refund will be made through bank deposit.


  1. Pre-Ordered items: For pre – ordered items, 50% of the original amount of the product shall be used as down payment/reservation fee. The amount given shall be deducted to the original price once the product has arrived. The products shall only be delivered once the customer has paid the full amount (with the deduction of 50% down payment/ reservation fee). If the customer fails to pay the outstanding balance within 30 days of the arrival of the product, down payment/reservation dee is not refundable in any means.